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Most often it’s the streamers themselves that use our services. We are always open to new challenges, hard cases, and non-standard solutions.

Find it hard to reach your audience on Twitch? We provide 2 solutions that will boost your popularity:

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About us

Who are we?

The team at KappaBoost team consists of a variety of developers and support staff all passionate in online gaming and streaming. We have people here that know how hard it can be to start streaming on Twitch and get recognized. We realize that store service for help and grow all people, but neither is Twitch's platform for smaller streamers. It's impossible to get noticed on Twitch unless you have big friends or you're moving over from another platform where you were doing well.

Start KappaBoost

Twitch often state you need to do "this" and "that", you'll eventually get noticed, but we know that's not true. You could have the best content in the world, but who is going to see you when you only have 2 viewers and are always forced to the bottom of the streaming list?

We just give people that little nudge they might need. We open this store to help streamers and other people get what they need.

We have 6 cases for streamers 2 ways to get more viewers, followers, subs and cheers and ofc prime loot.

We don't even require an email, so you can rest assured that your data is private and no one will know!